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Splendacrest Endurance Training --- Riders


Splendacrest Endurance Training has been in operation for 14 years, and was started by Jay Randle in order to address an obvious need in the sport of endurance riding in Australia.  After being introduced to the sport, Jay realised that there were very few opportunities for newcomers to the sport to gain the knowledge and training that would allow them to be competitive.  As endurance riding is quite different from any other horse discipline, Jay wanted to introduce more riders in an holistic and supportive atmosphere. 


Jay Randle with international rider, Sachiko Murai, and Shardell Shahbarnah Golden at the Far-A-Way Easter Endurance Carnival, 2006.       

Jay Randle with Tarnia Kittel on Quick and Easy, and Bridget Nottle on Sahateyn Star Dancer.  

Photos by Sue Crockett, www.suecrockettphotography.com


Anyone who is a competent, confident rider, and who is eager to learn more about the sport, is welcome to apply for a riding position with Splendacrest Endurance Training.  The minimum age is 13 years, with no upper maximum age limit!  You will learn all about the sport, including vetting procedures and general horse husbandry.  It doesn't matter if you haven't ridden for years.... give it a go now!

The Splendacrest Endurance Team at the Peak Crossing training ride, 2004

For more information please contact Jay on 0438 309458, or by email at splendacrest@hotmail.com

Committment to Youth Development

The most important aspect of any sport is to develop youth involvement.  No sport can survive unless new members are constantly trained and supported, and in any sport it is the youth that will carry the sport into the future.  Splendacrest Endurance Training is committed to promoting the sport of endurance riding to young people.  One way that this is achieved is by offering an "apprentice" year to prospective junior riders, followed by a "competition" year.  These two years of training are provided free of charge to young riders, and this program has proved to be highly successful since its inception in 2001.  In order to apply for a position, please email your details to:  splendacrest@hotmail.com

The stated goal for these Junior Riders (must be 15 years or under) is to reach the Top Ten in Queensland in successful kilometres ridden in competition (distance).  To then attain points awards, as well as Top Ten placings in Australia, is a bonus for these young riders!  To date, the Splendacrest Junior Riders have been very successful:

 2002  Courtney Denning

 2nd Junior Distance - Qld

6th Junior Distance - Aust

 1325 kms

 3rd Junior Points - Qld

 2003  Molly Hall

 3rd Junior Distance - Qld

 767 kms

 5th Junior Points - Qld



 2004  Bridget Nottle

 2nd Junior Distance - Qld

5th Junior Distance - Aust

 1081 kms

 5th Junior Points - Qld

10th Junior Points - Aust


 Emilie Barton

8th Junior Distance - Qld


 2006  Tarnia Kittel          10th Junior Distance - Qld     401 kms    8th Junior Points - Qld


 2007  Tarni Kittel

 3rd Junior Distance - Qld

9th Junior Distance - - Aust


 1st Junior Points - Qld

6th Junior POints - Aust

 2007  Ingrid Ambrosiussen

 4th Junior Distance - Qld

9th Junior Distance - Aust

 728kms  5th Junior Points - Qld  19.5
 2008  Ingrid Ambrosiussen

 2nd Junior Distance - Qld

3rd Junior Distance - Aust


 2nd Junior Points - Qld

4th Junior Points - Aust


 2009  Tarnia Kittel

 2nd Junior Distance - Qld

5th Junior Distance - Aust

 1100 kms

 2nd Junior Points - Qld

6th Junior Distance - Aust


        Milly O'Shea and Molly Hall on Nazereth                                                Shay Corbett on Murland Park Mikaylah                                                                                                              Emilie Barton on Murland Park Mariah                                                                                                               Eden Creek Endurance Ride, 2005

Success for our Adult riders too!

Although the Junior riders are the priority, the older riders trained by Splendacrest have also been very successful.  Since its inception, Splendacrest has introduced over 30 adult riders to the sport of endurance riding, and most of these riders have gone on to achieve their goals in the sport.  A few of the successes include:

 2003  Clio Rauch  1st Middlewt Distance - Qld

3rd Middlewt Distance - Aust

 1647 kms  5th Middlewt Points - Qld  40.5
 2004  Molly Hall  7th Lightwt Distance - Qld  667 kms


 2004  Kristan Kershaw  2nd Heavywt Distance - Qld

7th Heavywt Distance - Aust

 909 kms  10th Heavywt Points - Qld  12.5
 2005  Bridget Nottle

9th Middlewt Distance - Qld

 850 kms  

 2006  Bridget Nottle      6th Middlewt Distance - Qld  

   825 kms


 2007  John Dugan  10th Hwt Distance - Qld  432 kms  4th Heavyweight Points - Qld  24
 2008  Amanda Powell  9th Lwt Distance - Qld  661 kms  17th Lwt Points - Qld  29
 2008  Tarnia Kittel  8th Mwt Distance - Qld  803 kms  11th Mwt Points - Qld  37.5

 2008  Gerard Bou  10th Hwt Distance - Qld  492 kms  14th Hwt Points - Qld  21.5
   Gerard Bou  22nd Mwt Distance - Qld  500 kms  22nd Mwt Points - Qld  23
 2008  Angela Head  11th Mwt Distance - Qld  736 kms    
 2008  Rod Strahan  12th Hwt Distance - Qld  481 kms  18th Hwt Points - Qld  20
 2009  Rod Strahan      9th Hwt Points - Qld  25.5
 2009  Angela Head  9th Mwt Distance - Qld  1120 kms  9th Mwt Points - Qld  73.5
 2009  Clio Rauch  7th Lwt Distance - Qld  648 kms    

Training places are always available at Splendacrest.  If you are interested in learning about the sport of Endurance riding, you are a competent rider, and you live close to Toowoomba, please email your details to:  splendacrest@hotmail.com

Jay's Ride Record

Jay Randle started endurance riding in February 2001, but only rode for 4 months before sustaining a bad injury in a training accident.  During the balance of 2001 Jay concentrated on training a few young riders, and during the first few months of 2002 she again competed a little.  However, by mid-2002, Jay had decided to concentrate on training more young riders and to manage the Splendacrest Team.  Jay's decision to manage rather than ride has seen the horses and riders of Splendacrest excel in all divisions.  Currently it is unlikely that she will return to competitive riding, as the ability to remain at the base camp and manage and strap for all of the Team's riders is far more important to Jay than riding.








 25/2/01  Eden Creek  80km Pacific Porsche  8:26  6th Hwt  Novice horse
 10/3/01  Warwick  80km Romina  8:00  15th Hwt  Novice horse
 31/3/01  Great South Easter  80km Bozrah  6:14  8th Hwt  
 14/4/01  Far A Way  120km Bozrah  12:56  Completion  
 27/5/01  Charleville  80km Shakira  6:18  1st Hwt  BC, Novice horse
 9/6/01  Kilkivan  80km Bozrah  6:04  1st Hwt  
 17/2/02  Eden Creek  80km Bozrah  8:58  7th Hwt  
 9/3/02  Warwick  80km Bozrah  6:10  7th Hwt  
 23/3/02  Charleville  80km Hussein  6:39  3rd Hwt  Novice horse
 5/5/02  Cooyar  116km Hussein   9:54  6th Hwt  Novice horse
 14/7/02  Lake Manchester  80km Silver Progress  6:52  4th Hwt  Novice horse

Competition requirements for Riders

Endurance riders are required to start their endurance career by completing two (2) rides of 40km in length at a restricted pace.  Once these two rides have been successfully completed, then the rider is able to compete in 80km - 120km rides, again at a reduced pace.  After the successful completion of three (3) rides of this length, then the rider is considered to be at "Open" status, and may compete in rides of longer distance, and at a faster pace (depending upon the level of the horse, its fitness, and its ability).

Commercial Recommendations....

Splendacrest Endurance Training relies on the expertise of several valued businesses in and around Toowoomba.


South Toowoomba Veterinary Surgery, Stenner Street, Toowoomba.  Phone (07) 4635 6844.  South Toowoomba Vet Surgery is owned by Dr Hugh McIntosh, a well-respected and very experienced Vet.  Hugh's primary specialty is embryo transfer in cattle, however as an 'old' polo player, his experience with horses is invaluable to Splendacrest.  This surgery is located only about 5 minutes from us here at Splendacrest, and Hugh is always willing to attend emergencies immediately.  The staff at South Toowoomba Veterinary Surgery are always professional and kind.


Equine Breeding Solutions, Southbrook.  Max Wilson and Celia Dodd are very experienced equine Veterinarians, and are definitely the best people to call when the circumstance warrants it.  Celia is also a very experienced endurance Veterinarian, and is always friendly and approachable.


Edwards Saddleworld, 152 Taylor Street, Toowoomba.  Phone (07) 4633 1111, Fax (07) 4634 1480.  Email: edwards.saddleworld@enter.net.au    Edwards Saddleworld is owned and operated by Ros Lipp.  Ros and her sister Jill are ably backed up by Mandy Rundman in rug repairs, Willie in saddlery repairs, and a great staff of friendly people in the shop.  Edwards Saddleworld stocks a wide range of items suitable for endurance riding, and Willie is always willing to make any special orders I require. 


Queensland Farmers Warehouse, Alderley Street, Toowoomba.  Phone (07) 4635 0088. Fax (07) 4635 4488.  Email: qfw@hypermax.net.au    Queensland Farmers Warehouse is centrally located and easily accessible.  They stock a wide range of products, including the Prydes EasiFeed range, which is what we use exclusively here at Splendacrest.  QFW also delivers bulk orders.


Kerri Jones, phone 0400 076 607, email iandkjones@aapt.net.au .  Kerri works well with Arabians, and has really helped me out many times.  She is professional, yet low-key, and is a real find!


Renae Kuhns, phone 4691 0155.  Renae is located at Southbrook, is an endurance rider in her own right, and knows exactly what young and inexperienced horses need to learn in order to go into the sport of endurance. 


Merv Mangan, phone 0412 690 629.  Merv is located in Warwick, but travels extensively to service his clients.  I have been using Merv for over 16 years, and have never been disappointed in his work.


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